GTAIV: The Lost and Damned (360)

GTAIV: The Lost and Damned (360)

I started playing this a bit before the weekend, then played it again for a couple of hours again today. So far, I’ve been enjoying it, but it isn’t quite working for me yet.

There’s nothing wrong with it, as such, it’s just not as much fun as “proper” GTA IV was. Johnny is, in appearance at least, a carbon copy of Nico, and all his biker chums appear to be the same and I don’t remember who is who. Also, as much as I love bikes in GTA games, they’re mainly fun for mucking around in. This storyline is bike-heavy for missions – and they’re rubbish handling Harley-like bikes too. I much prefer a nice car for most missions, really.

But as I said, there’s nothing actually wrong. I’m liking the tie-ins with the original storyline (you even redo a mission that Nico did – with Nico) and seeing some of the characters from another angle.

I’m not, however, enjoying the full-frontal nudity of Stubbs. GTA has gone too far!

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