Mirror’s Edge (360)

Mirror’s Edge (360)

I thought this for £13 was a bargain from Asda the other day. Until I saw it for £9.98 in Blockbuster this weekend. Oh well.

After milking Lego Batman for everything it had, I moved onto Mirror’s Edge. It’s really good too, if somewhat hard and disorientating. It isn’t making me feel sick (like many have found), it’s just I get lost easily and even though there’s a button to look at where you’re supposed to go, that doesn’t help.

I’ve died loads too. Loads and loads. But it doesn’t get frustrating like I’d expect – there are many ways to tackle most of the sections I’ve come across so far, and restart points are frequent so you never have to repeat large areas of the game.

I’m up to Chapter 4, and part way through that – the bit where you have to jump from train to train.

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