Kid Chameleon (360): COMPLETED!

Kid Chameleon (360): COMPLETED!

Been playing this, in bits, for most of the week. I loved it when it originally came out, and I rated it as one of the best platformers ever made. I still, sort of, stand by my claim. Only with a slight problem – I’d never realised how difficult it is.

In the Megadrive days, it was commonplace for games to have no save points or passwords, and with fairly long games like Kid Chameleon (it’s almost 3 hours long – massive for a 16bit platformer) that’s a real killer, as you have to finish it in one sitting. And I never did.

Until now, of course – helped by save states. And it’s no wonder I never completed it before – it’s very, very difficult. The final quarter of the game has some of the most difficult platforming sections I’ve ever played in any game ever. I did make things a little more difficult for myself by forgetting about diamond powers until the level before the final boss, but even with them it wouldn’t have helped much.

Anyway, it’s completed now. For the first time ever, despite owning it for 15 years or more. Amazing!

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