Bubble Bobble Plus (Wii): COMPLETED!

Bubble Bobble Plus (Wii): COMPLETED!

The retro game completeathon rolls ever onward, and today it slew Bubble Bobble Plus on Wii Ware. Previous attempts at finishing it were always stumped by Level 72, which is impossible (although there’s a video on YouTube that proves otherwise – I don’t believe it myself), but thankfully I nabbed EXTEND on Level 71 so skipped to 73. Phew!

Level 99 was a bit of a pain, until I figured out ways you could fall through walls, and then it was onto the final (and only) boss – Super Drunk. Who was very, very easy. Far easier than I recall, although the Master System version is the one I have played the most and it is somewhat different to the Arcade version this is based on.

So, completed then! Next!

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