Vectorman (Megadrive): COMPLETED!

Vectorman (Megadrive): COMPLETED!

This week is Retro Week on ugvm, so I’ve been playing a few older titles. I’ve had a few goes on Donkey Kong Game & Watch, but the main thing I’ve been playing so far has been Vectorman on the Megadrive (on Megadrive Ultimate Collection on the 360) and I completed it today.

General thoughts: The graphics and effects are impressive, and the levels are quite varied. There’s no linking between levels, however, and so you seem to jump from mine to airship to forest to airship at night to bamboo mill to factory to whatever with no transition. This normally wouldn’t matter, but they made such an effort to include a plot that it does break the “story”.

Also, it’s far too easy. It’s simple from the very start to the very end, with only the end of game boss providing a challenge – and a challenge he is. He’s a million times harder than any other bot of the game! It’s like the difficulty curve is a horizontal line until the final level when it becomes a vertical wall.

But it’s not bad by any means. I just don’t think I missed anything by not playing it when it first came out (in 1995).

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