The level before the final boss was a real pain. Lots of sweeping lights, most of which need to be turned off as well as on, and many only just in reach (meaning a million accidental I-walked-too-far deaths). Needless to say, I was relieved when it was over.

And then the final boss. He was… reasonably easy. He’s the only boss where the entire fight requires pixel-perfect positioning and exact timing, all at speed. Thankfully, I realised you don’t have to go into over-the-shoulder view in order to throw cherry bombs – something which, if I’d known sooner, would have made a few other levels much easier.

Anyway, he only took about 10 attempts, and on the successful attempt, only about 20 seconds to kill. And game over!

I don’t think I got the “good” ending though, as I don’t remember answering the phone in every room there was a phone in. Oops.

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