Bioshock 2 (360)

Bioshock 2 (360)

Since completing Lego Indiana Jones 2, Bioshock 2 is pretty much the only game I’ve played. I’ve not played it terribly far in, either, having only picked up the film camera about an hour’s play ago, and I’ve only just finished the Sinclair Hotel bit. I don’t know how far that puts me through the game, but if I assume the train line map is an indication, then perhaps a quarter?

Things I’m liking so far:

  • It’s Bioshock. Mostly. Only more of it.
  • The story is keeping me hooked – I know there’ll be a twist, but what?
  • My OCD is well catered for with research and Fallout 3-style item searching.
  • Lots of plasmid/weapon combinations for varied kills.

Things I’m not liking so far:

  • It doesn’t feel “right”. It’s not quite BioShock.
  • I’m a Big Daddy, but Splicers can hammer me? What?
  • It’s a bit easy – only one death so far, and that was only because I didn’t use a first aid kit in time.
  • Big Sisters can die in a fire.

It’s certainly enjoyable, and it’s nice to be back in Rapture. I think it’s a shame that the original seemed to have all the “best” locations (so far) as the amusements were little more than a single “ride”, and Pauper’s Drop is dull. The hotel is almost a clone of the apartments from the original too. Doesn’t look like you get to revisit anywhere from the original either.

I suppose it was never going to be as good as the first game, and it’s not bad at all, so I can live with all that. Needs to have an OMFG AMAZE reveal like “would you kindly” though.

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