Fallout 3: Into The Pitt (360): COMPLETED!

Fallout 3: Into The Pitt (360): COMPLETED!

And so the final DLC, and the remaining achievements, finally fall in Fallout. Into The Pitt was a bit confusing, as part way through you have to make a decision, and it isn’t obvious which is the “good” choice, and which is the “bad” choice. I ended up doing both, playing a bit to see, then reloading the save of the better of the two outcomes.

It’s a shame I’m so powered up now, as nothing – not even the fighters in The Pitt itself – came close to even scratching me. I don’t think I used more than a couple of stimpacks for the entire quest. The trogs and wildmen all took a single hit each from my rusty old Chinese assault rifle, and even the turrets only required a handful of shots on target to destroy.

The real difficulty, and it was optional if I didn’t want the final achievement, was finding the 100 Steel Ingots dotted around three locations on the map. Took a good two or three hours just to do that, as four of them just didn’t want to be found at all!

And that’s it. No more Fallout 3. Well, unless I want to visit the handful of unexplored locations on the main Wasteland map, or fancy starting again. Tempting, but New Vegas is here in a few weeks!

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