Fallout: New Vegas (360)

Fallout: New Vegas (360)

30 hours in now.

This game just gets better and better. I expected it to be good, sure, but little did I know it’d actually be better than Fallout 3 was. There’s more variety, in both the quests and the way in which you complete them. There are fewer “shoot people” quests and more “do interesting things” quests. There are more memorable characters, even those who are incidental – Yes Man, Betsy, Keely, Old Ben, The King – all ace. There are more quests – for every one I complete I seem to open three more!

The world works better too. More of your actions have a direct effect on a wider area, and I don’t just mean your standing with various factions – what you do in small communities, in each casino, everywhere.

It’s just a fantastic game in seemingly every way. Oh, and no bugs yet, aside from a few levitating people and animals. They’re hardly game-breaking, though.

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