Fallout: New Vegas (360): COMPLETED!

Fallout: New Vegas (360): COMPLETED!

With 53 hours on the clock, I stumbled into the wrong questline and completed Fallout: New Vegas.

You see, there are four main endings, one of which I disabled a fair few hours ago when I bumped off Mr. House. A second, siding with Caesar’s Legion was thrown away when I decided to get chummy with the NCR. I’d intended to carry the NCR route to the end, but I chose the wrong option somewhere and couldn’t be bothered to make reparations – so an Independent victory it was!

And what a lovely, deep, varied, huge, clever, open game it turned out to be. It was like Fallout 3, only with a massive web of crossthreading quests and world altering choices. And I loved it from start to finish. Of course, I’m not finished. I have loads of places left to explore and three other endings to sort out yet!

As for bugs – I didn’t get any. Well, a few graphical quirks such as levitating animals, but nothing to break, freeze or otherwise affect the actual game. So I’m very happy indeed.

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