Pilotwings Resort (3DS): COMPLETED!

Pilotwings Resort (3DS): COMPLETED!

With Diamond unlocked, each Diamond mission starred, and all of Free Flight done, I think I can safely say I’ve completed Pilotwings Resort. In total, I’ve spent 16 or 17 hours on it, and there’s still replay value if I wanted to go and perfect every level. Which I don’t, but thanks for asking.

So much for “3 hours long”, eh, Mr Reviewer Man.


  1. Yup, it’s got quite a lot in there to do! I’m really frustrated at the moment because I’m missing 1 location in free flight and I just can’t find it! Still trying to 3 star all of Platinum to unlock Diamond too. But I’ve been neglecting the missions to try and find this last location.

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