X-Men (360): COMPLETED!

X-Men (360): COMPLETED!

A week or so ago, or maybe longer – I can’t remember – both this and Crazy Taxi were on sale on XBLA. X-Men, a release of the 6-player scrolling beat-em-up from yesteryear was reduced to an Almost Free cost of just 200 Microsoft Moon Dollars, something like £1.70. Hell, I’d probably have put more than that into the original arcade machine.

I played it today, and, what with it being rather short, completed it. Six times. Once with each character.

Things that I liked included the brainless punching and kicking, and things that I disliked included the length (30 minutes or so to complete) and the lack of baddie variety: there are 5. And some bosses, but they then have a SuckySuck(TM) bit at the end so that positive is negated. Oh, and some of the achievements are broken. Example: I should have the “kill Magneto with each character” one, but haven’t.

Overall: sort of fun, worth £1.70, probably won’t play again.

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