Dead or Alive Dimensions (3DS): COMPLETED!

Dead or Alive Dimensions (3DS): COMPLETED!

My first completed game of 2012! Unlike Super Street Fighter IV, I didn’t class this as complete by beating the final boss as every character. Instead, I’m basing it on completing Story Mode (or Chronicle, as it’s called).

In this mode, you play through the plot of all the Dead or Alive series, one after another. Well, I say plot – it’s all a bit bizarre and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Mind you, I’ve never really played Dead or Alive much previously so perhaps that’s why.

The 3DS game is fantastic. It looks amazing, and the fighting is fluid and as complex as you’d expect from “big console” beat ’em ups. Lots of moves, combos, special moves, and techniques (blocks, throws, counters, etc.). I really enjoyed it. And not just because of the boobs and knickers. If I’d have known it was this good, I’ve have paid more for it and bought it earlier, but the £7 from Morrisons price? Bargain.

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