Crysis 2 (360)

Crysis 2 (360)

I decided to plod on with this some more, mainly because it wasn’t terrible and I’ve not got anything else on the go at the moment. I’m glad I did.

Despite not really changing the formula all that much (aside from there being fewer soldiers to shoot and more aliens), somehow Crysis 2 has gone from mediocre to pretty actually fantastic. I’m not sure why.

I am now drawn into the story, and often with me a decent story is enough of a carrot to get me to progress. It’s not necessarily a great story but I do want to know what happens next, at least. I’m also on top of the controls, which are now not so overwhelming. I’m not struggling with ammo so much either, as I generally kill everything with stealth melee attacks rather than shooting stuff. All in all, much more fun than it was previously.

Currently, I’ve just caused the Otis building (I think?) to collapse. I don’t know how far into the game that is, but judging from the number of remaining locked cutscenes, I’d have to say I’m about 80% of the way through.

Just one main issue I have with it now: Why is it, that when you get shot too much, you die, but when you get launched a billion feet into the air, land on your head, get shot at by aliens, stomped on, then start to get organically deconstructed by a giant cockroach, you simply have to wait for your suit to reboot and all is well again? Hmm.

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