Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

Although I’d have ended up buying this at some point anyway (it’s a Mario game, so obviously), there was an issue doing so due to last year’s £18 Rule – and Mario games almost never dip much in price. That rule has now expired though, replaced with the far more gruelling Pound-A-Mile Rule, which still encourages finding the lowest price for anything without the limit. Instead, there’s just the limit of how far my little legs can cycle.

But I digress.

As a reward to myself for a full week of biking, I bought this with my hard earned miles. And it is lovely. I expected it would be nothing less, of course. I’ve played it a bit so far, and have just opened up World 4. It’s been very easy up to this point, although I’ve not managed to collect all the big coins in each level yet, and I missed one or two flags too, so I’m going to have to go back.

Really loving it so far. It’s a 2D-style Mario game, on a 3D game world. That is, it’s more like New Super Mario Bros than Mario 64, but it works really well. Nice blue skies too, which is always a plus point, as you don’t get them much these days…

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