Super Mario 3D Land (3DS): COMPLETED!

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS): COMPLETED!

And it was AWESOME.

Many people complained that it wasn’t a proper follow up to Mario 64, with big open worlds and a world “hub”. Some people complained that it wasn’t a proper 2D Mario game, like New Super Mario Bros. And some people complained it was basically just Super Mario Bros. 3 in 3D.

Pff to them all. They’ve clearly not played it, for if they had, they’d realise it doesn’t matter. It’s a new Mario game, close enough to older games to be Mario, different enough to be a new entry into the series. Yes, it has the raccoon suit from SMB3, and even some of the Koopa Kids, and the airships, but it isn’t even close to being like it in any more than a nod in its general direction. Sure, you collect big coins like you do in NSMB, and yes, it’s 3D (as in, you can run into the screen) like Mario 64 – but it’s new. All new.

And anything not new is done differently.

Anyway. It isn’t important what it is and isn’t like, because it’s fantastic. And I’ve completed it, which means I’m about 30% through the game.

Why is this? Well, spoilers! But lets just say that once you’ve beaten Bowser on World 8, there’s a completely separate Special set of worlds that opens up. And, someone else to play through the whole game as. Then I have all the missing coins to collect too. It’s the game that keeps giving!

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