Skyrim (360)

Skyrim (360)

Unlike previous Bethesda RPG titles for the 360, which I had to get IMMEDIATELY, even paying through the nose for the special editions (£70 for Fallout New Vegas? YES.), I couldn’t warrant the £120 the Skyrim special edition was. Especially since the vanilla versions of all the other games were down to £15 two or three months after release. I was still excited, though, even if the price barely dropped.

And so it came to pass, that last week I bought some cheap games from one shop, took them straight to Game to trade in for £10 for more than I paid for them, and walked out with Skyrim for a net spend of £17. Bargainlicious.

Is it good? No. It’s awesome.

I was a bit concerned that, after Fallout and New Vegas, I wasn’t going to get on with the lack of VATS combat, no guns, and no excellent 1950s radio station. I mean, I loved Oblivion, but things have moved on. Thankfully, it has been nothing but amazing so far. The combat is fine. Dual-wielding magic and swords feels great, and picking every flower, berry and mushroom is a wonderful return to Oblivion OCDness. I don’t even need them as I’m not really going the alchemy route. Not yet, anyway.

What I am doing is trying to stick to the main story. What I’m also doing is failing this, having deviated to find some dragon claw or something at some old Nord temple just 50 minutes into the game. Oh well.

I’ve slain my first dragon, learned some Words of Power (shouting at things can kill them? uh…) and done lots and lots of turning iron daggers into fine iron daggers. Oh yeah, I’m a blacksmith as well as a magician swordfighter who can destroy by shouting. Lovely.

Oh, and the Nord accents? Utterly superb in their rubbishness. Some of them are the worst Norwegians ever! It doesn’t matter, of course.

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