Portal 2 (360)

Portal 2 (360)

Hmm. This “sticking to a few games and just playing those” thing is working well, I see. Portal 2 arrived last week, so I had to play it. I was going to wait until after Skyrim, but you know how these things are.

It is, as expected, awesome. Particularly Wheatley, who is just Stephen Merchant in robot form. Not just his voice (obviously, since it’s him doing it), but the “character” Stephen generally plays too. GlaDOS is great too, as is Cave Johnson when his recordings appear.

In fact, it’s almost as if the whole game is just a mechanism for creating the interactions between you, Wheatley and GlaDOS. The puzzles are second fiddle to this, great as they are. They’re more complicated than the first game too, or at least more varied. In the original, most of them involved making lasers do things, or avoiding turrets, or putting cubes on switches. The first bit of the game is just like this, but then you’re thrown into an older area of Aperture Science where there are new things do do, with bouncy and slidey gels.

I’m currently on Chapter 7. I don’t know how many chapters there actually are, but I’m pretty sure I’m well past the half-way stage.

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