At last, I’ve been able to get hold of a version of VVVVVV I can actually play! Yeah, I could have played it on the PC, but PC gaming is such a tedious chore I really couldn’t be bothered. I decided to wait (and wait, and wait) for the UK release on the 3DS, and here it is. Pretty sure the US got it months ago. Tch.

Is it ace? YES.

Is it hard? OH GOD YES.

Look at my game record just there. 446 deaths. 446! And most of those were in the same section of the game – the “Doing Things The Hard Way” section. But, with perseverance, I managed to rescue my whole crew and complete the game.

Yes, I still have 6 (actually, 5 now since that screenshot) trinkets left to get, but I’ll get to them, I’m sure. Once completed, I then went on to play (and complete) Notch’s VVVV 4K version of the game (which, along with a load of other versions and modes is included), which was also excellent. And not as hard, thankfully.

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