Games I’ve Been Playing Recently

Games I’ve Been Playing Recently

Yes! It’s another lazy game-play-roundup-post! You know you love them! Oh, and before I get into that, a little bit of housekeeping: I’ve added my Raptr feed to the sidebar. Exciting!

Skyrim (360)

Somehow I got sidetracked from what I presume is the last quest in the Thieves Guild plotline (it’s easy to do – I talk to everyone and most people give me quests, so I’ve over 60 open now)  and ended up finding some more dwarven ruins en-route to returning “the Lexicon”. Not finished it yet, but having ghostly people to follow is very Assassin’s Creed.

Sonic CD (360)

I’d wanted this as soon as it came out, but even though it was only 400 moon points I knew it’d drop lower eventually. And it did – to 200. Played it this week, and it’s still just as fantastic and glorious as ever. Well, nearly – it has the wrong music (the “right” music being Toot Toot Sonic Warrior, of course), but everything else is well and good and lovely. Can’t do the special stages though – they’re too hard.

Heroes of Ruin (Demo) (3DS)

I’ve never played Diablo, but apparently, this is a clone of it. A bit. It’s very good, and I really want the full game now! Completed the demo as the gunslinger, and really got into the OCD collect-y nature of it. Moar please.


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