Skyrim (360)

Skyrim (360)

SkyrimI think I may have finished the Dark Brotherhood questline. In that a big event happened where the poo hits the spinning blades, and then I finished up the main contract. I got an achievement, and then was given what seems to be a generic contract, so I suspect that’s it for story. It was great though.

After dealing with all that, I went and got married. Since I’d proposed* to $hlmun people, I didn’t know which I’d marry, but it seems it’s the last one you proposed to that you “get”. So Ysolda from Whiterun is now my wife. She’s very good, making meals on demand, earning money for me, and generally being out during the day when I bring cheap whores home.

Actually getting married was a chore, as I ran into a bug. Turns out that if you enter the Temple of Mara to get married whilst the ghost of Lucian Lechance is following you, nothing happens. You’re supposed to talk to Maramal, but you can’t. After waiting around for hours, my bride-to-be got the hump and told me she didn’t want to see me again, before storming off. Many reloads happened before I accidentally stumbled across why the next bit wouldn’t trigger. Tch.

* I say proposed, but the exchange is:

Me: Interested in me are you?
Person I’ve just met: Yes.
Me: Let’s get married then.
Person I’ve just met: OK!

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