Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (360): COMPLETED!

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (360): COMPLETED!

Of course, “completed” with Lego games means “I’ve done the story levels”. It does not mean I’ve gone through all the levels again in Free Play, nor does it mean I’ve found all the minikits, red and gold bricks, and done any secret/hidden/special levels or other stuff. Sure, I’ve done some of those things, but with a completion of just 51% and only 35/130 gold bricks still remaining I’m a way off yet…

Knowing nothing about the TV series this is based on, aside from what I’ve picked up via osmosis, the story is nonsense to me. I’m confused as to why I seem to have a load of stormtroopers on my side when I’m the good guys (and yes, I’m aware that Anakin won’t stay that way, but still), but that confused me in the last Lego Star Wars game too.

I’m getting a little tired of the “ground battle” RTS-lite levels, and I’m not really looking forward to playing the pile of extra ground battle levels I’ve unlocked as side missions, but needs must and all that.

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