Skyrim (360): COMPLETED!

Skyrim (360): COMPLETED!

SkyrimAfter 70-ish hours play, it was time to end the main quest. Not because I’ve had enough or run out of things to do, but just because I wanted to move on to other games for a bit and thought it best to finish off the story rather than leave it hanging.

This involved some diplomacy, capturing a dragon, then being whisked off to Sovngarde (via an area full of billions of high-level draugr, and I’d stupidly forgotten to bring my Dawnbreaker sword along to easily kill them – tch) where the final battle with Alduin took place.

He was easy. Really, really easy.

In fact, he was far easier than the previous time you meet him and smack him about a bit. This was slightly disappointing, but anyway.

And that’s it for now! Story complete (with about 80 hours on the clock), but around 70 quests still open for completion. And I really should return this skeleton key to finish off the Thieves Guild questline at some point, I suppose…

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