Ben There, Dan That! (PC): COMPLETED!

Ben There, Dan That! (PC): COMPLETED!

Well this is a very rare occurrence. So rare, in fact, I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever had one before. One what, you ask? This – a completed PC game.

It’s unusual I even play one, let alone complete one. In fact, it’s not exactly commonplace that I buy them. However, I seem to snap up most of these Indie Bundle things, and Ben There, Dan That! was one of them I got recently-ish.

It’s a funny, well written, quirky, self-aware, parody of a point-and-click adventure game. Just like those which Lucas Arts and Sierra used to make so many of, and so few big companies touch any more. It’s not especially long, or difficult, but I did very much enjoy it from start to finish. So much so, that I immediately started on the sequel – Time Gentlemen, Please!

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