Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

Tokyo Jungle (PS3)


After $hlmun attempts, I finally unlocked Beagle with my Cat. For the first time, I managed to get as far as the Beagle Boss without being eaten by some animal bigger and hungrier than me, and took him down. Hurrah!

I also succeeded in unlocking the Rabbit by touching the Rabbit Boss with a chick. A chick! What a useless animal.

With the Beagle, I’ve been merrily slaughtering the Retriever population of Shibuya, but have yet to encounter the Retriever Boss and survive. Most of the time I stumble into a den of crocodiles or something and die there, rather than get killed by the Boss itself.

I did manage to kill a horse, a buffalo and a bear with my little Snoopy though! 🙂

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