Skylanders (360)

Skylanders (360)

Progress in this is slow. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s mainly because my daughter likes to play too, which used to mean she’d swap my character every few seconds (she’d mainly play by watching me and telling me what to do), but now it’s because she struggles a bit with the controls – yes, we now play co-op.

Most levels, this is fine. She sometimes goes the wrong way, or gets stuck behind something, but generally she acts as a liability as she can’t fight and move. So I have to do all the fighting. Still, that’s usually OK – I just jump ahead and clear the way.

Then we came to the Falling Forest level, where there are lots of spinning blades. Almost all of the Skylanders got “chopped” then, as she couldn’t control hers well enough. Still, we made it through!

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