Batman: Arkham City (Wii U)

Batman: Arkham City (Wii U)

Dinner dinner dinner dinner fightman! Dinner dinner dinner dinner hideman! Dinner dinner dinner dinner glideman! Climbman! Batman!

85% done now. With the story, at least. It would appear that only equates to about 30% of the overall game, which presumably includes all the side missions, Riddler trophies and after-game fun. Of which there is clearly a lot for the maths to work.

Having beaten up Mr Freeze and found his wife for him, lost the cure for Batman’s poisoning, and punched the Joker a lot – too much, I’d say, given his weak and spindly frame, yet still he walks – I set off to rearrange Strange’s face. Which was all too easy, and I did wonder what exactly he was playing at to make it so easy and then… SPOILER! I genuinely didn’t see that twist coming. I was expecting something, but not involving that particular character. Clever girl.

Er, by which I mean the game, not the character.

What next? Well, off to punch the Joker again it seems. For a painted twig, he’s remarkably resilient.

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