Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

animalcrossingpikminhouse“Make it so!”

So I did. Well, I sat there and pretended to, at least. That’s me in the Pikmin 3 themed house that showed up over Spotpass this week in the Happy Home Academy Showcase. I ordered some nice things from it too.

Aside from that diversion, I sold all my turnips and made about 4 million bells. I gave over a million away, because I’m nice like that. Invested in another 6000 turnips for this week, even though I don’t need much money now (my house is fully expanded for a start). I don’t really know why as I’m panicking already I might not sell them.

In town news, T&T has gone, to be replaced with T.I.Y., which incorporates some sort of hostile takeover of Leif’s gardening shop. Poor Leif. It was also fireworks night tonight, but my puny fireworks were a bit disappointing. And I couldn’t burn Redd with them.

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