Skylanders (360): COMPLETED!

Skylanders (360): COMPLETED!

Look! Look at that thing in the post title! And the tag list! LOOOOOK!! It says “completed”!!

That’s right. About 18 months after starting the game, my daughter and I finally completed it today. We’d been just a couple of levels off the end for months and months, but every time we got a new Skylander we played some earlier levels to level it up a bit and get money to buy upgrades.

Today, we went for one final push and did it. OK, so she dropped out of the final boss battle (there was just too much going on for her to cope with), and until I figured out that Double Trouble seemed to be the best at dealing sustained damage on Kaos we went through about ten Skylanders (although Spyro and Dark Spyro both hung on for ages).

The main issue with the final boss was that it took aaaaages. Like, a good 40 minutes. There’s only a short window in each “wave” where you can deal damage, and Kaos has a massive energy bar. The assorted minions weren’t a problem, and the hydra’s attacks were mostly simple to dodge (especially with [Dark] Spyro), but it just took forever to whittle that bar down to nothing. Eventually though, he was bested and Skylands was safe once more. Well, for a while anyway. Skylanders Giants beckons.

Just in time for Skylanders Swap Force, the third game, to be released. Ho hum.

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