Trip World (3DS): COMPLETED!

Trip World (3DS): COMPLETED!

tripworldcompletedOn my 3DS home screen, the first “page” of icons is set to be “currently playing, and not yet completed games”. And some other things like Streetpass thingy and the Nintendo Video app. But mainly games I’ve not completed. Completed titles (and games I’ve given up on, demos, other apps, and stuff) are squirrelled away on other pages.

Trip World has sat on page one for Far Too Long Now. More than 18 months, in fact. Unplayed because I got to the boss at the end of World 3 and he was impossible. I died many times. I gave up, but never totally actually gave up or I’d have moved the game to Gave Up Page on the home screen.

For no reason other than it suddenly annoyed me that this was the only Game Boy game on the 3DS Virtual Console I’ve bought but not finished, I decided to try again. And you know what? Five attempts and he was beaten. Pretty easy. I was angry with myself for not doing it before.

The rest of the game was really rather simple. Even the end boss caused me no trouble one I realised you could stand on his head and you couldn’t be hit. And now it’s done and I’ll probably never play it again.


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