PixelJunk Monsters (PS3): COMPLETED!

PixelJunk Monsters (PS3): COMPLETED!

Last time I completed a PS3 game, I asked “Now, what do I spend my remaining £3.80-ish on?”. Well, here’s the answer – PixelJunk Monsters. And, since it was really cheap, I got Hungry Giraffe too. And still have 22p left for Sony to steal.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing Monsters off and on. Usually one level at a time, and usually this takes about 20-30 minutes. And you know what? It’s the best Tower Defence game I’ve ever played. I don’t know what makes it the best, but it’s really simple, I like the slightly wonky graphical style, and it’s nice to have a Tower Defence game with a definite end.

There’s one level I simply can’t do (you only have four trees – with each tree a starting point for a tower) so constantly have to sell and buy towers to fit the incoming swarms. No matter how hard I try, I can’t do it. Not that it matters, as there’s more than one route to the end on the game map, and I opened up all the big stone gate things without it.

Not much else to say, really. It’s just very nice. And yes, I am 5 or 6 years late to the party as that’s how old it is. Tch.

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