3D Streets of Rage (3DS): COMPLETED!

3D Streets of Rage (3DS): COMPLETED!

3dsorThis is not what I expected one of my first completed games of 2014 to be, what with having got A Link Between Worlds and Duck Tales recently. Something made me want to buy and start playing this yesterday (perhaps because I’d just finished Steamworld Dig), and I finished it today.

It’s the same game as it ever was, although you’ll notice I opted for the Japanese version (mainly because I’ve never played it). It made little difference bar the title screen and the small amount of text though.

The 3D effect, however, is impressive. Like 3D Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s entirely superfluous, but the sprites just look gorgeous in the 3D playfield.

There were no surprises – I’ve completed Streets of Rage $hlmun times before after all – but I enjoyed it a great deal. I also found a tactic to deal with the “Blaze Twins” that I don’t think I’d ever realised before: Blaze’s reverse kick. Excellent.

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