Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed (Vita)

tumblr_nfswvjig0q1svmpf2o1_1280Let me tell you all about this game and I will tell you all about this game now:

You’re a boy who goes for a job interview then wakes up strapped to a table before being told he’s going to be a vampire or something then a girl in a negligee carrying a parasol rescues you and you fight and flee but are mortally injured and all that can save you is this girl’s blood so she bites her lip and you drink her blood by kissing her and then you become a different sort of vampire and take this girl back to a bar where your friends hang out and your tumblr_nfv3b7xudm1svmpf2o1_1280sister lives for no readily apparent reason and all your friends are members of an underground vigilante group and they’re looking into strange goings on in Akihabara like people going missing and stuff so you go out on patrol and find more people who are sorts of vampires and you fight them and beat them by ripping all their clothes off and exposing them to the sun so they melt or explode only sometimes the people you fight tumblr_nfsww1tjf41svmpf2o1_1280aren’t vampires but you strip them naked anyway and they run off and after you’ve beaten someone they drop equipment and clothes which you can equip (even their underpants) or sell or get your little sister to combine to improve other equipment and as all this is going on you have access to an in-game version of Twitter which is hilarious and there’s also a cosplay competition going on into which the female members of your gang are entered and the whole game feels just like Yakuza only with stripping teenagers instead of Yakuza and more boobs.

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