Japanese Rail Sim 3D: Journey to Kyoto (3DS): COMPLETED!

Japanese Rail Sim 3D: Journey to Kyoto (3DS): COMPLETED!

CHOO_CHOO___trainsim__t_httpst.coqWWTPISBOVTrains! Yay for trains! Well, one train. Which only does one, relatively short route. But trains!

In Japanese Rail Sim 3D: Journey to Kyoto, it’s your job to drive the electric train to, yep, Kyoto. You control the power and the brakes, and the aim is to arrive both on time, and stop at the correct point at each station. Some sections of track, like points and curves, have speed limits, and you have to take account of hills and stuff to maintain your speed without speeding. It’s actually quite simple to control, but getting an A rank for each station (you have to be pretty exact with stopping and timing!) is pretty difficult.

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I’ve played through and reached the end, hence “completed”, but there are more variant modes to unlock yet if I can do it with enough A ranks – night mode for example. I can’t say that for the normal eShop price of £12.99 this was a great buy, but it’s on offer right this moment for just ONE POUND, and for that it’s a bargain.

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