Assassin’s Creed Unity (PS4)

Assassin’s Creed Unity (PS4)

Assassin's Creed Unity
Obligatory “I can see my house from here”.

It’s more Assassin’s Creed! Yay! My favourite series of neck-stabbing games. I’d heard a lot of bad things about this entry, and so waited until it was cheap enough to risk. £10 in this case, and so far, it’s been just fine. The story isn’t that good however, and Arno seems to have fake conviction to carry out his tasks. He doesn’t seem too bothered about the death of his father so the only reason he joins the Brotherhood is because he has nowhere else to go. And his girlfriend is a Templar! Good grief.

At least Paris is excellent to run around and explore and climb and stuff. That’s the best bit of Assassin’s Creed games anyway. Stopping crimes in the street, finding hidden stuff, and opening chests – all this is good stuff. The fighting is improved over previous games, and it looks astounding, especially when you synchronise from a vantage point. The climbing requires less precision too, making getting around a bit more fluid, and being able to quickly climb down stuff as well as up stuff is a massive improvement.

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As far as progress goes, I’m a few hours in and have “grown up”, joined the Brotherhood, and started renovating a theatre. Arno is a bit angry we weren’t allowed to kill the guy who killed his girlfriend’s dad (who was Grand Master of the Templar Order in Paris, so killing his killer seems an odd move for an Assassin), but he’s been given another chance to do so now, which I’m about to begin. Once I’ve done this theatre stuff. And climbed around some more.

The story so far:


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