Midnight Resistance (MD): COMPLETED!

Literally nothing to do with midnight.

Midnight Resistance
Midnight Resistance
Taking down a gunship. Of course.

I was expecting more from this, I’m afraid. I’m not actually sureĀ what I was expecting, as these are the facts I know about Midnight Resistance: 1) There’s a Spectrum version that was featured quite heavily in Your Sinclair, 2) There was a Fishnight Resistance joke, also in Your Sinclair, and 3) There is a games website and podcast called Midnight Resistance. Aside from that, I know you control a man with a gun. And perhaps it was a bit like Green Beret? Maybe.

Midnight Resistance
He’s electric. He’s got a family full of eccentrics.

In fact, Midnight Resistance is this: A short clone of Contra, only with a clever weapon upgrade system. This weapon system works by means of keys which baddies drop. Collect up to six of them, and at the end of a level you enter a room where you can unlock display units containing power-ups and new guns. Each unit requires a number of keys. It’s great, aside from that you’re left with a weedy shooter if you have to continue, and have to make it through a whole level (and collect keys) to unlock upgrades. A little infuriating, to say the least, as were a couple of the bosses – the electricity man in particular, which would have been impossible without my three-way shot, I’m sure.

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That said, it wasn’t really a bad game at all. Frustrating and with some cheap almost unavoidable deaths, but with some awesome music and fun power-ups. It’s just not as good as Contra, and to be honest, I’m not really a fan of Contra either. Frankly, I’ve no idea what possessed me to play Midnight Resistance at all to be honest, let alone complete it. Which is what I did.

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