Strider (MD): COMPLETED!

Strider (MD): COMPLETED!

This also happened in parliament after this week’s budget.

Strider was always a nonsensical game. Set in 2046’s Russia but with giant robot gorillas, Amazonian warriors, wolves, an entire senate which transforms into some sort of caterpillar, and dinosaurs. There’s no cohesion, and levels flit from organic to techno and back with gay abandon. It’s utter nonsense.

The Mega Drive version, which was the first Mega Drive game I ever bought having received the console for Christmas a couple of months before, was fun at the time but still a bit janky. The collision detection is miles off, Strider himself has about four frames of animation, and the sound effects randomly vanish. Periodically, usually as a giant boss is about to appear, the screen just pauses. I’d like to say it’s crap, because all signs point to crap. But it’s not.

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There’s just something about Strider’s acrobatic prowess and the baffling list of baddies that makes it enjoyable. Even if there’s the SuckySuck Bit(TM) to end all SuckySuck Bits(TM) on the final level. Heavy boss after heavy boss. That was tricky.

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