Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

That was hell.

I’ve never been so bored, so annoyed, so disappointed with a Mario game. The first 250 moons were great. The next 250, not so much. The NEXT 250? rubbish. The final 100 made Mario Odyssey one of the worst games ever made.

The skipping rope moon. It’s pure luck. There’s no way to time it because the rope moves too fast after around 50 jumps and you can’t jump fast enough to keep up.

The volleyball moon. It takes forever and is also down to luck. If the ball goes too far away from you and Cappy doesn’t aim properly, you lose.

But those are just difficult, frustrating, try and try again moons. No, the real killer is the hundred or so moons you have to buy in order to make the total up to 999. To do this you literally have to just collect coins. 10,000 coins. Which takes hours.

And for what? I’ll tell you what: a big hat and some rubbish fireworks.

Stupid game.


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