Super Smash Bros Ultimate: COMPLETED! (Switch)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: COMPLETED! (Switch)

It’s 2019, and the first game to be completed this year is Super Smash Bros. And by complete, I mean, the MASSIVE new single player mode – “World of Light”. In brief, this mode is a huge map with lots of fight events on it. Some are simple one-on-one brawls, some have quirks like gravity that randomly flips or after a few seconds one hit kills you, and others have a number of unusual fighters such as an army of mini Donkey Kongs or a giant metal Mario.

You can read more about how it all works, and the whole spirit system, in more detail elsewhere, but for the entire game I just stuck with Kirby, rarely had a difficult fight, and then got what appears to be the best ending. Well, OK. For the very final actual battle you have to choose three fighters and they can’t all be Kirby. I chose Sonic and Roy (as Roy was the best character in Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Gamecube), but Sonic is awful so I swapped him for the more Roy-like Marth and was much more successful then.

And it is an incredible game. So much to do, so many different fights, so many spirits to collect and power up – and I haven’t really even touched standard “Smash” mode, and I’ve only played online once (as Kirby: I won). Yet 30 hours of World of Light is more than enough for one game – all these other modes and extras are just bonuses, as far as I’m concerned.

Yeah, I’m saying that, just like with that other “online competitive game” Splatoon 2, single player is the best bit.

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