Diablo III (Switch): COMPLETED!

Diablo III (Switch): COMPLETED!

My favourite Diablo game is Heroes of Ruin on the 3DS. This is mainly because it’s my only previously played Diablo game. Of course, Heroes of Ruin isn’t really a Diablo game, because having Diablo on a handheld device would be ridiculous. UNTIL NOW.

Well, until about a year or more ago when Diablo III came out for the Switch. I wanted it, but I always seemed to have other games on the go and kept forgetting to pick it up when I saw it cheap, but now I have it and oh my is it good.

I mean, sure, it’s just loads of very similar levels fighting very similar foes, just watching your stats go up as you gain levels and obtain better loot, but there’s something very moreish about that sort of gameplay loop. I can see why people get hooked on the likes of Borderlands or Destiny for the same reason, and of course it’s a staple of JRPGs, of which I’m a fan anyway.

As an action game, it’s a lot more hectic than a JRPG, but I didn’t find the story mode (which is what I’ve completed here, just to be clear – I’m aware there’s a lot more game to spend time on past that) in the least bit taxing. I don’t even recall my health ever dropping, in fact, let alone actually die. But that didn’t matter. I enjoyed ploughing through thousands of baddies regardless, marvelling at how well the game runs on the Switch. I know it’s a PS3 game too, but the swiftness of (in fact, the almost complete absence of) loading and rock-solid framerate was just lovely.

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