Crush Crush (Mac): COMPLETED!

Crush Crush (Mac): COMPLETED!

Now, this is a tricky one to categorise as completed, but hear me out. Crush Crush is a clicker game, albeit wrapped up in a waifu dating guise, but still a clicker. Girls become available, you spend hearts on them and money on gifts and dates, and the more you get them to like you the more you have to spend. Then more girls unlock and so on.

It’s free to play, but after 400+ hours of play (well, probably 390 hours of idling, 10 hours of play) across several weeks, it became clear that it may be free to play, but it certainly isn’t free to win.

Alpha is a sentient AI holographic idol. So of course you can date her.

You get to a point in the game where you may have all the money, heart and time multipliers available to you, but in order to progress, you still need to idle for almost a year of real time. And no doubt the next step up will be bigger still. Or, you could fork out some real actual money for a pile of multiplier-multipliers (as they stack on top of the “free” ones earned in game) to actually have a chance. Sure, you can progress the game as far as possible and then reset the game for a permanent multiplier bonus (as I did many times) but even with this you’d need to restart so many times and it’d barely help the late game timers. Maybe shave a few days or even a week off that year.

I’ve completed all the girls it is possible to realistically “complete” without spending money, and I’ve finished all the “phone fling” side stories, and so as far I’m concerned, it’s finished.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the game itself – it’s actually mostly devoid of the titillation you’re perhaps expecting. There’s DLC to make it far filthier, but I didn’t install that. It’s pretty funny though, with some clever dialogue, jokes, and even self-aware characters that know they’re in a game.

Just in case you didn’t have enough women to date in person, you also have a whole host more to flirt with on your phone.

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