The Touryst (Switch): COMPLETED!

The Touryst (Switch): COMPLETED!

Now this is an unusual game. Unusual in graphical style, setting, and gameplay. Sure, it might look a bit like Minecraft but it’s much more granular, cleaner and with much better environmental effects. Yes, there are gameplay elements similar to the old Tomb Raider games and Titan Souls. But it feels very different to any of these things.

You’re a tourist, who travels between small islands taking photos of the strange towers present on most of them. You solve puzzles to gain access to the tower interiors, and within are a few more puzzles, platforming challenges, and boss fights with weird ancient alien devices.

Along the way, you interact with other holidaymakers, solving their problems and completing their challenges. These are varied – goal target practice, flying a drone, playing three arcade games (which very much resemble Fast RMX, BombJack and Arkanoid), a California-games style surfing event, and learning how to canoe.

It’s a short game, but there’s a lot crammed into these little islands. The platforming can be a little tricky in places with the camera angles not always being ideal for jumping into and out of the screen, but death is rare and doesn’t take you back far anyway. Aside from that niggle, The Touryst is a beautiful, different and fun game.

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