Baobab’s Mausoleum Ep 3: Un Pato en Muertoburgo (Switch): COMPLETED!

Baobab’s Mausoleum Ep 3: Un Pato en Muertoburgo (Switch): COMPLETED!

It was a little while back I played the first two games back to back, so I was expecting the story to make little sense. But then I remembered – the story makes little sense anyway.

This final game in the series unfortunately ditches the (mostly) one continuous game style of the second game and returns to disjointed sections like the first game. To start with, the game is a bizarre full motion video title, before moving into the more “normal” 8-bit overhead view. This then passes through a 3D golf cart driving game, a sort of dungeon, a restricted view maze game, and – not far from the end – an into the screen cel shaded lightgun game (with no lightgun).

The plot doesn’t come together at any point, and although it’s fun to play it feels like a series of short minigames rather than the third chapter in an epic quest. You do find out, after the credits, who inhabitant 64 is though, and I was correct in who I thought it was.

It’s a quirky game series, and I’m glad I experienced it, but it’s terribly fragmented and unfocussed. Again, I wonder if much of that is down to the localisation. It’s difficult to tell if the strange conversational grammar is down to the translation or intentional characterisation

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