Flashback (Switch): COMPLETED!

Flashback (Switch): COMPLETED!

Flashback is a great game. It always was a great game and I was slightly worried playing it might reveal it to be all rose-tinting. Luckily, once I’d turned off all the graphic-ruining “modern” filters (which are on by default), it turned out it was still excellent.

I remembered the plot, and most of the first half of the game (the bit in the jungle and the bit in the city), but I thought that completing the Death Tower gameshow section was right near the end. I’d totally forgotten there was a bit set on Earth after that, and then had no recollection at all of the alien planet part at the end. Which is odd, as I’ve completed the game several times in the past.

Obviously this is Earth.

Controls are as fiddly as they ever were, but you get used to them. I don’t know if it’s a bug or by design, but I found Conrad kept putting his gun away even when I didn’t press the “put gun away” button, which made some of the fights unnecessarily difficult. One bug from the original which is now missing is the one which lets you run through walls, which I found a bit disappointing!

So, I’m glad Flashback still stands up, and it was well worth the 89p it was on the eShop. Not that I paid even that much as I had gold coins so it was essentially free.

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