Time Clickers (Mac): COMPLETED!

Time Clickers (Mac): COMPLETED!

After the “fun” that was Crush Crush, I thought I’d try another clicker game. Time Clickers is properly free, with no IAPs needed to unlock anything. It’s a lot simpler in structure than Crush Crush too.

The fact that there’s a ceiling you can hit, and there should be no barrier to getting there in a realistic time was appealing after the issues I had with Crush Crush. It is less interactive though, and there’s no funny dialogue or real purpose to the game – you just shoot blocks which get higher and higher HP so you need to upgrade your weapons to suit.

Anyway, after hitting wave 5000-odd and unlocking all the achievements, I was done. It took a couple of weeks, again mostly idling, but I could log in on either my computer or iPad to carry on the game which was nice.

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