Action Biker (Spectrum): COMPLETED!

Action Biker (Spectrum): COMPLETED!

Another game I really enjoyed, but rarely completed, back in the day. Some people suggest that the C64 version of Action Biker is superior, but they’re wrong. It’s a totally different sort of game, for a start!

This version involves you riding around a town, searching houses for parts for you bike to enable you to travel underwater and in an area which is pitch black for some reason. You need to find your friend Marty (for some reason you don’t know where he lives) and take him to the airport, and frequently the houses you enter have your friends’ mums in and you have to stay for some tea, wasting time.

“Your friend’s mum is in. Stay for some tea.”. Yeah, “tea”, eh?

OK, it sounds terrible and it has no end of problems. Firstly, there’s no way of avoiding most of the traffic (which drains your “sleep” energy bar). Worse, though, is that the items you need, and Marty himself, are in random houses each game. This means that sometimes the snorkle that lets you enter the water, is on the island in the middle of the water. Or the headlamp that lets you see in the dark area, is already in the dark area. It requires a bit of luck.

It seems luck was on my side today as Marty was found without me needing any special items, and I got the water upgrades almost immediately.

As I said, it’s a flawed game, but there’s something about it that I’ve always found a lot of fun.

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