Big Ben Strikes Again (Spectrum): COMPLETED!

Big Ben Strikes Again (Spectrum): COMPLETED!

Way back when, this was one of my favourite games. The main reason being that it had a built in level editor, but the catchy music has remained in my head for decades. My copy was one of four games in a compilation, the other four being Panzerdrome (which was impossible), Tidy Tony (which was a bit like Atic Atac only rubbish), and Steelyard Blues (which I liked until many years later when I found out it was a hacked version of another game).

Anyway. The plot of Big Ben Strikes Again is that you’re a reporter named Monty and you have to bribe various celebrities (mostly politicians, it seems) for a scoop. It plays out as a platformer, with baddies to avoid and 6 items – the bribes – to collect and then give to the celebs. It’s also a lot easier than I remember.

Oh, I wonder which 80s politician that’s supposed to be on the left there.

The collision detection is terrible, but once I’d compensated for that it was pretty straightforward – just take your time and watch your step!

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