Pokémon Sword: Isle of Armour (Switch): COMPLETED!

Pokémon Sword: Isle of Armour (Switch): COMPLETED!

It’s the first DLC story pack for Pokémon Sword, and it adds a whole new area with mostly level 60+ pokemanz in it. Some of these are “missing” pokémon from the main game, others are variants on existing ones, but the star is Kubfu – a little bear who performs kung fu and you’re awarded at a dojo.

On the Isle of Armour, you have to perform a few tasks for the people at the dojo, such as find mushrooms, but the main aim is to level Kubfu up sufficiently so you can enter him into either the Dark or Water towers (but not both!) where he evolves in a new water/fighting or dark/fighting pokémon.

So I did that.

There’s a lot of exploring you can do on the island and its surroundings too, mostly to find unique pokémon but also to find loads of hidden digletts for someone. I’ve done about 90 of the 150 (I think) but I can’t find any more!

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