Hypnospace Outlaw (Switch): COMPLETED!

Hypnospace Outlaw (Switch): COMPLETED!

Imagine Geocities was a place you visited via a headset while you sleep, and you’ve been made a mod and have to stamp out crimes like piracy, copyright theft and scams. That’s Hypnospace Outlaw.

Surf webpages like you did in 1999, and complete tasks sent to you by the system maintainers. Download virtual pets and desktop toys! Read about conspiracies! Traverse fora about teen angst and musician worship! Get sucked in by Squisherz which definitely aren’t anything like Pokémon! Solve a real actual murder!

No really,

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the game, and it’s very hard to progress at times, but the AOL-meets-Phoenix Wright gameplay and the whole “world” is compelling enough to keep you going. It’s not perfect, and I had a couple of crashes (one of which I’m pretty sure is intentional), but if you see it cheap and want something completely different – yes, it’s even different to the two other superficially similar games I’ve played this year: A Normal Lost Phone and Secret Little Haven – then it’s recommended.

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