Paratopic (Switch): COMPLETED!

Paratopic (Switch): COMPLETED!

Paratopic is a narrative discovery game with what seems like a number of characters with related stories and jump-cuts between them. Think of Virginia and Thirty Flights of Loving, with a PS1 graphics aesthetic.

It has a story that I can’t really share because the story is the reason for playing games like this and it’d be a big spoiler, but I will say that that there’s someone transporting illegal videotapes which appear to be like drugs and/or The Ring, and a photographer who stumbles across something in the woods.

And several long sections where you drive a car and listen to almost-Simlish on the radio.

It’s an unusual thing to play, but I can’t say it wasn’t worth doing. It sort of messes with your head a bit and I suspect a second, or third playthrough might help. It’s only an hour or so long anyway.

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